Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good advice

In an ongoing effort to help out any faithful readers, I will start posting helpful workout tidbits that I have gleaned over the past decade. I can't be a cynical pessimist all the time.

Generally Speaking
1.) Do exercises that require lots of technique first in the workout. Doing exercises that require lots of physical and mental energy late in the workout increases the risk of injury.
2.) Choose multi-joint multi-muscle exercises over single-joint single-muscle exercises. I.e. stay away from dumbbell bicep curls and do Chin Ups instead.
3.) Take off your clothes and stand in front of the mirror; with the exception of your abdominals, choose exercises that train all the muscles you can't see more than the muscles you can see.
4.) Endeavor to make the majority of your training ground based. The overwhelming majority of the exercises you choose should require that you stand on your feet and balance both yourself and the implement you're lifting. Fire immediately any personal trainer that has you sit down on a machine to work out.


Janet said...

hmmmmm. I need help making sure I do things properly, and motivation. All the trainers I know are way to nice.

How do you feel about working out on machines?

Heather said...

First off, I'm NOT standing in front of my mirror naked. I'll just assume I can't see all my muscles.

I'm really struggling with the strengthening and reconditioning phase of my recovery. Any pointers = greatly appreciated.

Topher said...

Eh. Machines are okay if they are the only implements to which you have access. Free weights are superior, IMO.

Let pain be your guide but, learn the difference between uncomfortable (my muscles are doing something they're not used to doing) and PAIN (my joint, muscle, etc. is in imminent danger of catastrophic failure). In the beginning you might confuse the former for the latter.

Janet said...

I have horrible form on free weights, but I've never had anyone work with me long enough to learn them. And all the trainers at my Y use the machines for most of the time, with only a bit on free weights.

So far I've just stuck with the treadmill. One of these days I'm gonna brave the elliptical.