Saturday, September 20, 2008

Of Dating and Pizza


Lovely janet--sadly, yes, I was more impressed with the sausage. Don't get me wrong. She was super nice and very easy to talk to there was just ne sais quoi. My dad always says, "Kissin' don't last. Cookin' do." or, more eloquently, "Sic transit gloria." Perhaps we'll see each other again.

H-train--I almost linked blood sausage but, I figured those truly intrigued would take the time to google it. Glad you did.
I'm a big fan of "No Reservations" and "Bizarre Foods" and they're always eating weird shit like that so, lately, I've come to be more experimental in my restaraunt and food choices. So far so good. And speaking of google

Cuil is cool. Give it a shot when google doesn't give you what you want.

Date 2.
We met at Spin pizza, talked for a little, ate pizza, went home. Physically much more attractive than the first date but, harder to talk to--I would almost say she bordered on arrogant. Plus, she doesn't like beer OR coffee. My sis' and dad say she was probably just nervous and it came off as arrogant. "You should give her another chance." Perhaps I will.


Janet said...

mmmmmm, Spin! I LOVE Spin! (of course I had to read this right before dinner, and now I'm REALLY hungry!)

And sometimes the kissin' may start out vanilla, but get really spicy the longer you're together, if you're lucky. (damn, I'm a lucky girl!)

As my man says, "every one is insane, you just have to find the insanity you can live with."

And I'll try almost anything at least once. Even blood sausage (now that I'm no longer in a stupid cult that prohibits all things blood).

Heather said...

You know me, I'm usually the one bringing the weird stuff to work and making everyone try it.

But I draw the line at bugs. And feces.

Joel said...

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