Friday, September 5, 2008

Palin Comparison

I had this whole "pale in" comparison play on words thing to go off on but...meh that takes too much energy. Let me just say that I agree with GB: she can go back to Alaska. Seriously, what was Fred Thompson thinking when he endorsed her by saying she could "field dress a moose." That was specifically aimed at a particular portion of the population...
...the same portion that likes NASCAR.
...that has a HS Diploma or less.
...that would never, ever, have had enough money to worry about the inheritance tax but is still glad it's gone.
...etc., etc. blabbity blah

I'm very angry lately. I think it's my new job. And this string of really bad commercials lately. Is it just me? There's commercials telling us that:
"America is a consumer society"
"Consume more"
"Wal-Mart is great, buy more Mall-Wart"
"This car gets 30mpg highway"

Really, 30mpg?! OMFG that's amazing!!!11eleventy1! What? 40-50mpg should be the bare minimum. Hell, my eight year old truck with 105k plus miles on it gets 28mpg in town. A recent conversation with a co-worker yielded this little gem, (re: gas consumption/driving an SUV) "Yes, but I pay the same price per gallon as you." That's true, but you drive a gas guzzling SUV to and from work and your rate of consumption for this non-renewable resource is easily 3-4 times that of mine. You're using more than your fair share to do the same job.

Did we not learn anything from the 70s?


Heather said...

Do I need to ply you with alcohol again to make you happy????

Palin is more woman than I am. I have no idea how you would dress a moose, unless you just start with socks.

Janet said...

I have a friend in Belton that can field dress a deer...

I've got alcohol, do I need to bring it over? I'm sure I could find a few hot chicks to bring over too...