Saturday, May 24, 2008


Gross. (And I clean up other peoples shit professionally)

Recently, whenever I took a shower, the drain in the garage backs up and I got a little lake just inside the door to my back yard. No big thing right? It eventually drains. However, a few days ago I noticed what appeared to be pieces of toilet paper around the drain. So I called the friendly plumber to come out and snake my main line (damn, you'd think I was writing a plot summary for gay porn). Anyway, plumber comes out this morning and does the old roto-rooter bit, runs the shower while he's doing it, minor bit of lake in the garage, etc., etc.

After he leaves, I go out to try and rinse the accumulated detritus down the drain. Lo and behold, I see/smell something that must have come from the hoary netherparts of a cheap hooker. A mass of sludge-y, foul, foulness and...
Corn kernels.
Someone else's undigested corn kernels.
Someone else's nasty, undigested corn poopies.

I'm almost too tired to be upset.

Earlier this morning I sent a patient to the ICU. I'd say I had a fairly busy night contending with this patient. Much heartfelt thanks to all my co-workers especially Bram, SM, and Soobee for taking care of my other patients during crunch time.

'Nuff said.

*to be said out loud like that crazy soccer announcer "goooooooaaaaalllll"

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Heather said...

Sorry to hear about your sewer problem...but I was LAUGHING MY ASS OFF with this post.

Corn? When did I have corn??

(Srsly...we need to spice up your page. Did I mention I'm going to be off for 2-3 weeks??)