Saturday, May 24, 2008


Me, them and him, and him.

Long story short, Thursday night I foolishly wiped off some transdermal nitroglycerin paste with my bare hands. Right about the time the doc starts relating to me a similar story about his resident and her subsequent splitting headache I notice I have a splitting headache. Then I start to feel really light headed. Then I start to sweat.
Idiot. Lesson learned.

Them and him.
I get a transfer from another, similar, floor in the hospital--a floor that should be able to take a nitro drip (them). The doc says he feels more comfortable with the patient on our floor and we're closer to the ICU(him). Now, in a certain sense, I find that flattering. We are "ICU-lite" and the night shift is staffed with a bunch of bad ass nurses and techs but still...
Either the patient is stable and they should stay put or they're crumping and they belong in the ICU. Physical proximity is a moot point--our hospital has elevators.

Stupid, dumb-fuck, pro baseball scout. A scout for the local pro baseball team recently came out to take a look at one of the athletes I help train. This kid (Zeus) is a bad ass. Not only does he have the requisite athletic prowess but he's also a genuinely nice guy.
To the point. The scout says he has a good chance of going pro and they want him to play with one of their minor league feeder teams this summer. But, he needs to quit doing so much weight training 'cause they want him to "lean out and get more fluid [when he moves]" What. The. Fuck?! The power to run fast, to jump high, to swing a bat, and to throw a ball comes from the hips. This guys hips can Clean and Jerk 150kgs.
Let's compare him to that red-headed step child from the STL Cardinals. Back when Mark McGwire was hitting all those home runs the magazine Muscular Development did a feature article on him. (I remember specifically because some friends of mine were writing for them at the time) Anyway, the article mentioned how Mark was able to Clean 250lbs. Wow!
Not really. For those of you not familiar with metrics, that's about 112.5 kilos. Significantly less than 150. This scout is some paid lackey with no background in exercise science/athletic training/sport specific conditioning who probably still believes in that ol' "muscle bound" theory.
Dumbfuck idiot.

I changed my time stamp to GMT +1 hour....for all my homies in Bruge.

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