Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Jeebus, I suck a blogging. Anyway...

Beer and Batman.

I went and saw the new Batman on opening night. Loved it. Now, some people are talking "Oscar" for our dearly departed Heath but, in my humble opinion it wasn't that good. Don't get me wrong, he was great as "The Joker" and played it to the hilt but, I think all this speculation is 'cause went and got himself dead.

Does this mean Budweiser is an import and now I can drink it? Naaah. Drinking Budweiser is like having sex in a canoe--it's fucking close to water. (Ba-dump Ching) I don't really like Bud but, I feel for the employees and the city of STL. I mean ultimately it was a dick move on the part of A. Busch to make a little more money by selling off some stock. Because we all know you can't make it in the good ol' US of A on only 7 figures a year. He sold off enough stock so that the family was no longer the controlling interest in the company and the tricky dicky Dutch company UniBev went and bought it. Whatever. I don't like Bud and I rarely drink it but, as a homebrewer I do have to give the brewers props for turning out millions of bottles of beer that all taste exactly the same. That's some serious quality control.

Beer and Ambien.
Not so juicy a story. After working the night shift for about 2 and 1/2 years I made the switch to days when I moved to the ER. Well..kind of "days," I work the split shift from 11AM to 11PM. Anyway, knowing that even when I'm tired I rarely fall asleep before 6 or 7 in the morning I got a Rx for some Ambien. Here's how it went down. I worked Sat. night from 7PM to 7AM. Got home Sunday morning and forced myself to stay awake until 11. Went to sleep at 11AM and got up at 3PM. Stayed awake the rest of the evening. Had a few beers, watched some TV then popped an Ambien at 11PM. Slept from midnight 'till 4AM then sat bolt upright like I had just drank a Venti double shot. I then watched infomercials until time to go to work at 11AM on Monday. What a crock of shit. Ambien is the suxors.


Heather said...

You failed to mention the chigger bites on your twig and berries. Hope you're healing well. lol

I find that Ambien is hit or miss with me. I'm going to try Lunesta and see if it is any better.

Would you believe I haven't seen Dark Knight yet? I'm the last person on the planet to do so.

dark_one said...

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